Get Well Cards, Pictures & Prayer

If you are interested in sending Matilda something during her stay in the States we ask that it not be gifts but instead words of encouragement with welcome cards and get well cards. If you have visited the Village of Hope and have pictures of her and of the other children and staff, please send them.  We will get her a photo album and she can use it to put all the pictures in.

You can send any Welcome Cards to:

Matilda Figo, Kathleen Schwartz

2111 Foley Road

Havre de Grace, MD 21078

Get Well Soon Cards and Pictures  can be sent to:

Matilda Figo, Kayla Cook

2225 Emerson Avenue

Louisville, KY 40205

Prayer Requests:

1) Please pray for her as she travels on Dec. 7.  It is a very long
journey and she will be in totally new places. Pray for Benedict as he
works with the wheelchair and walker, and some of Matilda’s special needs.
2) Please pray for her time here, for all the people she will see, for
the doctors and nurses, for the Cook family who will be hosting her
and taking care of her.


One response to “Get Well Cards, Pictures & Prayer

  1. Hi

    My name is Matilda Figo Cook,am the one who you send prayers. I thank you for that and may Hod help you and guide you through the day. The Cook’s Family adopted me to their family. We are with adoption am ver happy. And thank you for your prayers.
    From:Matilda Figo Cook
    To: You

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